jeudi 12 mai 2016

Les commandes en francais (Commands in French/ The imperative mood)

The French commands or Imperative mood is used to give orders or instructions. 

There are generally three ways in which it is done:

Parler: To speak

Je parle
Tu parles (parle)
Il/elle parle
Nous parlons
Vous parlez
Ils/elles parlent

They are formed using the second person singular:


(Note that the s is dropped off when conjugating ER verbs in the imperative mood)

The first person plural


Th Second person plural


Parle au professeur, s'il te plait (Informal)
Speak to the teacher, please

Parlez au professeur, s'il vous plait (Formal)
Speak to the teacher please

Parlons au professeur
Let's speak to the teacher